Do You Know Who Will Deliver Your Baby?


Do you know who will deliver your baby? At JORDAN & ASSOCIATES OB/GYN, your baby will be delivered by either Dr. Jordan or Dr. Grimes. We do not share night or weekend call with other doctors unless in the rare event of an extreme emergency. Our patients are special to us and we are humbled and appreciative of the privilege to care for your medical needs.

Why is it important to create a relationship with your delivering provider during your prenatal care?

  • Comfort – to be comfortable in your most vulnerable times
  • Emotionally – so you can develop a relationship with the person(s) who will support you in one of the most trying and exciting times of your life.
  • Familiarity – to be familiar with their delivery style and philosophy overall
  • Personal – to be able to discuss private topics that may arise
  • To discuss your preferences and expectations in advance and review any differences of opinion

Many women ask about whether to create a birth plan but your birth plan must include your doctor in that plan. Many scenarios on the internet and television are not medically accurate and therefore, it is extremely important to allow your delivering provider to realistically guide you in aspects of your care. You may find that your delivering provider shares your goals for the pregnancy and delivery but this may not be the case in every situation.

Questions to ask your OB doctor or Midwife before the BIG DAY!

  • What are your delivering provider’s protocols as to going to the hospital- i.e. when to go and should you call her/him first?
    If not you, who might deliver my baby?
  • What will your delivering provider order for pain relief options in early labor?
  • Does your delivering provider order epidurals in labor?
  • Does your delivering provider deliver in the dark?
  • Does your delivering provider allow use of the labor tub?
  • Does your delivering provider allow alternative positions for your labor and delivery?
  • Does your delivering provider allow you to have a doula to participate in your delivery process?
  • Does your delivering provider automatically perform episiotomies?
  • Does your delivering provider use methods such as vacuum and forceps to assist delivery? If so, what are some situations they may be used?
  • Does your delivering provider use staples or stitches when a cesarean section is medically necessary?
  • Does your delivering provider perform TOLACs (Trial of labor after cesarean sections) previously referred to as VBACs (Vaginal birth after cesarean sections). In fact this should be one of the questions you ask before making your first appointment if you are interested in this mode of delivery and you previously had a cesarean section.
  • Does your delivering provider manage or co-manage high risk patients such as Gestational Diabetes and Hypertension?
  • Is the practice accredited by AIUM (American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine) to perform ultrasounds?
  • Does your delivering provider offer Saturday and evening appointments to fit in your busy schedule?
  • If you are being seen by a Midwife, will you meet the Supervising provider to get to know them before delivery?
  • Does your delivering provider offer personalized group prenatal classes?
  • Does your delivering provider respect your decisions about receipt of blood transfusions?
  • Does your delivering provider have students that will be with them during delivery?
  • Will your delivering provider perform the circumcision if you have a baby boy?

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