3616719_l-obstetricsGoing home from the hospital with a newborn can be an overwhelming experience. Everyone expects you to know the answers to all situations and that it is an automatic instinct… which is far from truth. Upon discharge from the hospital, you will be provided with written instructions and guidance as well as prescriptions for postpartum discomfort. At times, support is needed when your loved ones live in another state or are deployed. Talking to your Provider, one who understands various situations can be a significant source of comfort. Women need help from time to time and we are here, just a phone call away.

Nursing is a natural process that is beneficial for both you and baby. If you choose to breast-feed your newborn, assistance is available from Nurses and Lactation Consultants in the hospital of course.


If you need additional support, we are available for consultations. Do not hesitate to call our office @ 757-436-2424.